Tilda & Moo X Rudie Nudie Designs

This little collab has been brewing for a long time, but I am SO excited to finally announce that we have teamed up with Rudie Nudie Designs to bring you a mini range of Tilda & Moo bibs in two matching designs of their insanely fabulous waterproof playmats!
Jacqui, owner of Rudie Nudie Designs, is a gorgeous Insta-land friend that I’ve made, and despite never actually having met in real life (we had planned to for an epic photoshoot and then covid arrived) I feel like we know each other incredibly well! We talk on the daily and are forever bouncing biz ideas off each other, cheering each other along through out our journeys.
I first discovered Jacqui’s playmats two years ago when I was pregnant with Marlee and we still use it to this day as if it was brand new!
For those who have them, you would know the quality of these playmats are next level amazing! They are waterproof, but do not have the “plastic feel” of a waterproof product. They are machine washable and I know first hand that it doesn’t matter how many times you wash them, they appear brand new every use! They are also super versatile and SUPER trendy, a must have for your little people! I feel SO very honoured to have teamed up with Jacqui - thank you for this incredible opportunity, it still feels like a dream! 🥰
We have matching bibs for the Pop Pip Pow and Hola Mamacita designs, and they are available in our Classic Bibs on the Rudie Nudie website for pre-order. 
Our Triangle Bibs will also be available next month via our Tilda & Moo website.
A special mention to the creators of these designs too - for the Pop Pip Pow and  for the Hola Mamacita. You are going to make Mama’s happy all around the world with these gorgeous bib & playmat designs!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
View the collection below and head to the website below to snap up your faves!

POP PIP POW - By Ashley Mary Art

Hola Mamacita - By Trish Burton Design

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