Collab TALK. Meet Mosey Me

Collab TALK. Meet Mosey Me

Introducing our first collaboration for 2020,
Tilda & Moo X Mosey Me.


Back where it all began.

I first discovered the incredible work of Mosey Me whilst exploring the debut stalls at The Finders Keepers Market in Melbourne, July 2017.
This led to a sneaky follow on the ol’ gram, and low & behold 3 years later I have been lucky enough to join forces with the creative legend herself, Eliza, to bring you this fab Tilda & Moo X Mosey Me Collaboration.

About Mosey.
Mosey Me is a colourful homewares label from Melbourne Australia, created by Textile Designer, Eliza O’Sullivan. Taking inspiration from style, mood and female connection, Mosey Me delivers a unique take on home textiles where inclusivity is key. An extension of Eliza's own personal style, Mosey Me walks the line of playful sophistication. Prints adorn bedlinen, tableware and bathroom bringing life into all areas of your home. 

Meet Eliza.
Tell us a bit about yourself and how Mosey Me came to life?

Well I was working full time as a textile designer in the industry and I was becoming quite bored of my day to day role, I didn’t feel like I was actually achieving anything creatively, yes I was designing prints but there was no real purpose behind them. I always knew the time was just a learning space for me to get the basics to start my own thing as that was always the end goal. I made a deal with myself that I would be up and running by my 30th Birthday so I launched just after my 29th birthday in November for 2016.


Where did the name “Mosey Me” come from?
Is there any meaning behind it for you?

Yes, Mosey was the name of my childhood pug who was my best friend. I somehow acquired his name through friends and when Instagram launched I just made my name Mosey Me as in Mosey and Me. I had it for years before I actually launched my business but when it came ready to launch it was natural and everyone knew me as Mosey Me!

When did you discover that you wanted to take your creative skills into the textile industry?

I completed a year 13 of art design and photography when I had just finished year 12. It was essentially a folio building year where you focused on art and design for 5 days a week for a full year, it was heaven! I felt like I really got to immerse myself in the world of art and design and I was surrounded by creative people which I loved. Half way through the year we had to choose if we wanted our certificate in fine art or design, we got to really practise both side for 6 months then once we choose we had the opportunity to steer our folio in that direction. This is where I discovered textile design and haven’t looked back since.


Your Mosey HQ is located in Brunswick, Melbourne. What do you love most about having your own studio space & who do you share this space with?

Having my own space has become an essential part of Mosey Me, creating my own safe space to be creative and vulnerable in has allowed me to push and find myself in my practise. My studio has housed every emotion but the best thing about it is its mine and its me – Mosey is very much myself translated into product and my studio is the birth place of all of that. The energy is beautiful in here and I feel very lucky to call it home. At the moment I share my space with my friend Genie from Dream states lounge wear although she moves out next week.

I am crushing on your newest bedlinen collection, Salento by Mosey Me. I also love that you have introduced Mosey Me Kids & Baby Mosey in this latest range with Single & Double Doona Covers, as well as cot sheets for our littlest people.

I would love to know though, what was the very first product you ever created for Mosey Me and did you dream of having the products on offer that you have today?

Tableware! Tea towels, napkins and tablecloths! I originally started with these products as I could get them printed and sewn right here in Melbourne, It was a cost effective way to test product and see results quickly. Bedlinen was always the dream though, that’s what I envisioned when I set out to start my business and its still what I love the most. 

Do you have a day job?

I still freelance textile design to some clients however majority of my time is spent on Mosey Me!!
As I mentioned above, I first discovered the world of Mosey in Melbourne at the AW17 Finders Keepers Market. 2 years on, you were selected to be the Feature Artist for their SS19 campaign of The Finders Keepers Markets in not only Melbourne, but also Sydney & Brisbane.
What did this opportunity mean to you as a designer & what was it like exhibiting at this market surrounded by your own artwork? 

It was huge! I was so pleased to be asked to be their feature artist I almost couldn’t process it entirely! Once I did though it was an amazing feeling. I loved that fact that I was being recognised as a designer and creator not just a brand. I loved that they saw me and my skill above just the product I put it on, It was a he compliment and one that I didn’t take lightly, I was totally in awe of the execution of everything they created it was amazing to see Mosey come to life on so many different surfaces. I felt an incredible sense of pride when I’d arrive at the markets each day and see my artwork on the fencing wrap, on the fabric banners and in everyone’s hand and they walked around with the program. It was an amazing experience.

About Tilda & Moo X Mosey Me.

What was the inspiration & design process behind the fabulous artwork you created for our Tilda & Moo bibs?

I just wanted to create something fun and light hearted, and is just as much for the parents as it is for the kids! I wanted the true Mosey vibe to come through and it was nice to design something that doesn’t need to work as hard as a duvet cover! It’s all about fun and hopefully the bold patterns and large scales are fun for the little bubbas to wear and stimulates their amazing growing brains!


What does it mean to you to collaborate with other women in business?

I love working with other women, I love the connection that is formed and the from my experience the comfort and ease in which the collaboration takes place. I feel as though I connect with women so naturally, I love putting two minds together and seeing where we can go – the process always allows for lots of creativity and exploring. I’m inspired by other women changing up the game and forging their own future, it’s empowering to be around.

It’s been inspiring to following along on your Mosey Me journey so far. Designing & creating new products for your online store, as well as collaborating & teaming up with brands such as; Nelson – a shoe label created by Jamie Nelson, Lois Hazel – a womenswear label & now we are lucky enough to join that list.

BIG LOVE & THANKS to Eliza for working on this collection for us, and I hope you guys love it as much as we do! X 
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