Collab TALK. Meet Inkling

Collab TALK. Meet Inkling

Introducing, Tilda & Moo X Inkling.

Back where it all began.

My love for the Finders Keepers Market has brought me more connections than I could ever begin to imagine! My family took a 4 week trip in a motorhome in June/July of 2019, travelling from the Mornington Peninsula, all the way up to Noosa & back. We just so happened to be in Brisbane over the weekend of the Finders Keepers AW19 Market, and after nagging my partner to take us there (think - huge motorhome driving through the city of Brisbane trying to find a carpark - eeep!) we arrived for the very first time at the Brisbane Showgrounds. 

Walking the aisles of the market, I passed an incredibly bright stall, full of colour & abstract designs in the creations of wallets & "messy bags", and I fell in LOVE! After walking back & fourth past the stall like 10 times, I finally worked up the courage (in my extremely nervous state) and introduced myself to biz babe herself, Kathryn Green.

After nervously talking her ears off, Kathryn jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with me and we were brainstorming ideas before I even arrived home from my trip! I have had an absolute ball working with Kathryn to bring you these stunning pieces of art for your little ones to wear day in day out, and I can't wait to see them in your hot little hands real soon!

About Inkling.
Inkling is all about fun things that make you happy and life easy.

Inkling's Messy Bags can be used by anyone and for anything. They start their life as part of a giant canvas which is then cut into pieces and sewn into Messy Bags, wallets, totes and tiny pouches. Each product is one of a kind, no two are the same, nor can they be recreated.

Hand painted with eco friendly, non toxic ink onto organic cotton canvas, Inkling products are designed to not only be useful, practical pieces of joy, they’re also low impact, sustainable and earth friendly. 

Meet Kathryn.
Tell us a bit about yourself and how Inkling came to life?

By accident? It's a really long story. The short version is I needed a way to make money using a handful of tiny, sad little dried up but still useable pots of screen printing ink and the 5 metres of canvas I had that I'd bought from a supplier because they asked me if I wanted it and I said yes because I don't know how to say no. So I painted a canvas, cut it into pieces and turned it into waterproof bags. I'd been making a similar style out of quilting cotton for ages and knew how useful they'd be and that others would love them too. 

Where did the name “Inkling” come from?
Is there any meaning behind it for you?

I needed a name that didn't feel restrictive. I wanted it to reflect what I love which in short is colour and useful things. I like that Inkling means a hint of an idea. I like that it leaves room for me to change my mind or try something new. I also get a kick that it doubles as a pretty obvious "this is how I do it" too. Everything Inkling, starts with the ink. I love that a handful of colours work together to make endless options. The prints for our collaboration might be digital but they are 100% formed from original artworks and ink.

I am in love with your Messy Bags & Wall Hangings. 
What makes Inkling products so special?

For the people who love Inkling there's always that moment when they realise it is a one of a kind piece that they're holding. All the Messy Bags and Wall Hangings use the original artwork. I love that the art is not precious or to be looked at from afar. It's thrilling to hold it and abuse it almost! I am very adamant that the Messy Bags are to be used daily, not locked away and saved for special occasions. 

About Tilda & Moo X Inkling.
What was the inspiration & design process behind the fabulous artwork you created for our Tilda & Moo bibs?

Creating the artworks for our collab was such a fun process. Some were digtial reproductions of original artworks, some were slightly modified to make them suit the purpose, but my favourites were the ones where I plucked my favourite pieces out of some much loved canvases and put them together. I usually work in very large scale, a small canvas for me is about 1.5m x 1.5m so trying to translate that into something that would work on a small piece for tiny kiddos was a delightful challenge.

What does it mean to you to collaborate with other women in business?

I don't have work colleagues any more. I went from being a teacher with hundreds of interactions each day to spending most of my days working alone in my bubble.  It is amazing and I love it and I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of spending each day doing what I think is the best use of my time. However, working in a vacuum like that, makes it really easy for you to focus on you and what you do and doesn't leave a lot of room to challenge your processes or ideas.

Collaborating with others has so many benefits. There's the obvious 'metric' based benefits of being exposed to new audiences etc, but that is always a byproduct for me. It is such a great way to expand your circle of friends who understand the challenges of running a small business.

I love the opportunity to try new ideas. I love working to a brief, even a loose one, vs my random chaotic "well I wanna use these colours up and I don't want to have to wash out the brushes because I'm lazy so what are we gonna do today?" But most of all, man, it is just so freaking delightful to know that someone else loves what you do that much that they want to team up.

I love Tilda & Moo and am stoked that Inkling will be adorning tiny kiddos during messy meal times any day now.

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